Safely and quickly relieve pain and repair damaged tissue with photo therapy lights

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Now you can use the same lights that professionals use to bring relief and restored health to clients

No, this is not Star Trek technology. It's simply photo therapy lights that use safe, effetive and long-lasting Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) instead of soft lasers.

The Light Energy Company in Seattle manufactures four portable units that have been successfully used for over two decades by:

  • acupuncturists
  • chiropractors
  • physical therapists
  • massage therapists
  • naturopaths
  • other alternative health care practitioners

Choose the light therapy unit that fits your needs

Light Shaker LED - Our most popular model. Relieves pain, accelerates healing and more! Also can be used to strengthen your sinus tissues which helps with all kinds of allergies and eye problems. Unit is 4" x 1". Retail Price: $160.00 SALE Price: $139.00 - SAVE $21! (TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE)
Tri Light LED - Unit measures 3" x 7". Contains 3 lights and covers 3 times the body area that the Light Shaker does. Get faster relief and deeper penetration, too. Price: $284.00 (TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE)
Light Disk - Covers a larger area than the Tri-Light. Long handle included for hard-to-reach areas and has a flexible rotating LED area for better contour. Great for pain, recovery from surgery or wounds on your back, legs or any hard-to-reach area of the body. LED surface area is 8"X 5". Price: $444.00
Light Pad - With 23 LEDs, it provides maximum surface (9" x 5") coverage and penetration in the shortest possible time. Brings deeper (up to 8-inches of penetration) and faster relief for severe wounds, injuries or recent surgeries. Easy to use velcro straps, let you use it hands-free. Price: $550.00

A safe technology you can use at home

You can use all of these units safely and easily for surface coverage of your skin, if you have a wound or pain. In addition, they can also be utilized for deep tissue penetration and applied to acupuncture points with success.

Just keep in mind that there are two settings:

  1. The "solid" setting is for pain
  2. The "pulse" setting is for speeding up the repair of damaged tissue or just about any chronic condition, like airborne allergies or food allergies

NO drugs and NO side effects with Photo Therapy Lights

Research has shown the optimal healing light frequencies of 660 nanometers helps restore health, heal wounds faster, alleviate pain more effectively.

You can be confident of this non-invasive and safe light therapy. Plus, there are no pharmaceutical risks or side effects so your body won't have to struggle to feel better.

Get allergy relief too!

Photo Therapy Lights can even help eliminate both airborne and food allergies. It is not the allergy that weakens the tissue, as is commonly thought. Remember allergies happen ONLY when sinus tissue is weak, not the other way around.

Strengthen your sinus tissue with photo therapy lights and get faster relief from most allergies!

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Photo Therapy Lights

These light-emitting diodes let your body use this energy to repair itself.

4 portable units


The Light Shaker



4 in. x 1 in. unit

Retail Price: $160.00

SALE Price: $139.00