Naturally prevents gum disease, plaque build-up AND bad breath in pets WITHOUT the hassle of brushing

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FAQ's about Plaque-OFF

What are plaque and calculus and why are they harmful?

How are dogs and cats teeth different from humans?

What are the symptoms and signs of gum disease and tooth decay in pets?

Should I brush my pet's teeth?

What is ProDen PlaqueOff™?

How does ProDen PlaqueOff work?

What does it do for your pet?

How much should I give my pet?

What if my pet is a picky eater?

What are the ingredients in ProDen PlaqueOff™?

What are pet owners saying?

Easy & Safe- Just sprinkle this all-natural powder on food!

If you struggle with your dog or cat when it comes to brushing their teeth, you're going to love Plaque-OFF. You just sprinkle it on their wet or dry food and within 2 to 8 weeks, it will begin to soften even the plaque under their gums and get rid of the tartar build up and gingivitis, too!

No pet dentist visits, either! It can cost a couple of hundred dollars to have your pet's teeth cleaned at the veterinarian's so it will save you lots of money and hassle with your pet. Plus, it's all natural and backed by clinical studies.

What are plaque and calculus and why are they harmful?

Two of the most common (and very preventable) problems veterinarians see every day are gum disease and dental decay. Why? Because, just like humans, your pets have plaque build-up on their teeth that can lead to loads of other problems that weaken your beloved pet's health and cause tooth loss.

The problems are the brown build-up that collect at the base of the teeth and often extend downwards into the gum line. Left unchecked and not cleaned regularly, they can lead to:

  • swollen gums
  • tooth abscesses and decay
  • bacteria can then be carried into the bloodstream
  • that can lead to toxic build-up in your pet's body and organ damage or serious disease

How are dogs and cats teeth different from humans?

Our pets use their teeth much like we use our hands. They pull things, move objects and explore their world with their teeth and mouths. Because of that, toothaches, dental disease and loss of teeth have a very big impact on their lives.

Damage to teeth and gums in pets is permanent and irreversible, just like it is with people. The only difference is that our pets can't get bridges or dentures. So the best thing you can do is to make sure their teeth are clean and healthy.

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What are the symptoms and signs of gum disease and tooth decay in pets?

Bad Breath: One of the first signs of those problems in pets are bad breath. When plaque and calculus begin to accumulate, they begin a slow process of collecting foul smelling bacteria causing the bad breath.

Seen and Unseen Plaque Build-up: Normally, your pet's teeth are white and shiny all the way down to and below the gum line. That's why regular check-ups of your pet's teeth is so important. Deposits of the yellow to light brown substance on your pet's teeth indicates a health risk in the making. Chewing hard food can sometimes be helpful in eliminating part of the problem. But there is always a risk that bacteria and plaque can be building up below the gum line for months before you see any signs.

Swollen, Red Gums: Normally, your pet's gums should be pink and show a clear deliniation between the teeth and gum line. If you see bright red line marks or spots between the teeth and the gum line...or if you see the straight, sharp edge of the gums has become swollen or red, your pet probably has gum disease.

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Should I brush my pet's teeth?

That is one solution. If you can do that, it is helpful but not a total solution. Most veterinarians will tell you to start brushing your pet's teeth early in life so they get used to it. But what if they fight you about it? What if they refuse? Or worse yet what if it makes them feel like they want to lash back out at you by biting and scratching? And furthermore, what if you can't get the plaque below the gum line?

Our pets are all very sensitive and most will avoid any kind of confrontation or incidents that can lead to trauma for them or you. Fortunately, there is an easy, safe and all-natural alternative.

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What is ProDen PlaqueOff™?

ProDen PLAQUEOFF™ is a natural product that counteracts plaque on the surface of the teeth. A few years ago Swedish dentist Sune Wikner had a patient whom he regularly treated for tartar. The patient moved, but kept Dr. Wikner as his dentist. On his first visit after he had moved, Dr. Wikner found that this patient had no tartar at all.

Dr. Wikner, who has also pursued studies in diet and nutrition, concluded that there must be something the patient was eating that was preventing him from getting tartar on his teeth. Eventually, by process of elimination, he made the discovery that a particular seasoning in the salads that his patient was eating regularly must be that "something".

After many tests and trials, Dr. Wikner evolved the prescription for "the cure", and thus was born ProDen PLAQUEOFF™. The effects have since been confirmed in several separate scientific studies.

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How does ProDen PlaqueOff work?

The active ingredient in ProDen PLAQUEOFF™ is a natural vegetable substance derived from specific strain of maritime algae harvested above Norway and Iceland in the Polar Circle. When ingested, the ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream and then impart to the composition of the saliva an ability to dissolve tartar and to prevent new layers from gaining a foothold.

It is known that the composition of the saliva can help to get rid of the bacteria that promote the formation of plaque and tartar. Dental plaque is made up of a community of microbes that have organized into a tenacious biofilm.

Proden PlaqueOffTM works systemically, through the blood stream. It is thought to disrupt the biofilm, to affect the ability of plaque to 'stick' to surfaces in the mouth and softens hard calculus deposits.

Clinical studies using scientifically-approved methods of testing and measuring have proven the effects of PlaqueOff. They have shown that deposits on the surfaces of the teeth have been decreased by up to 88%, and that tartar has disappeared completely or has become very porous and easy to remove. Several studies have shown that results began to become apparent as early as after four weeks of use, and improve further with continued regular use.

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What does it do for your pet?

Proden PlaqueOff™ has been clinically proven to reduce and help prevent plaque and tartar. It is estimated 85% of dogs and 70% of cats over 3 years show signs of gum disease, the major cause of tooth loss. Gum disease is caused by the accumulation of plaque bacteria and is converted to calculus by the minerals naturally occuring in saliva. If gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to bad breath, pain, tooth loss and other health problems. By using Proden PlaqueOff™, owners of dogs and cats can take a simple and effective step towards the animal's oral health.

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What are the ingredients in ProDen PlaqueOff™?

Ingredients: Natural plant marine algae D1070, minerals and trace minerals 22%, fibre 6%, proteins with all amino acids 6%, Omega-3 fatty acids 2%. Free of artificial coloring, preservatives, gluten, salt and sugar.

Storage: Store at room temperature and keep out of the reach of children.

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How much should I give my pet?

Suggested dose: Proden PlaqueOff™ should be added to dry or wet food on a daily basis. Each bottle contains a serving spoon to measure out the proper amount. (You may also try sprinkling some directly on your pet's tongue.)

Size Daily Dosage: Average Supply for 1 Animal 60 gram Bottle

  • Small dogs up to 25lbs. & cats 1/2 scoop (1 year)
  • Medium dogs 25-50lbs. 1 scoop (6 months)
  • Large and giant dogs 50+lbs. 2 scoops (3 months)

What if my pet is a picky eater?

If your pet is a little finicky, mix 1 scoop of Plaque Off for Pets with 4 scoops of nutritional yeast (which is available at most health food stores). Sprinkle the combined mixture over your pet's dry or wet food. This will encourage them to eat the food with the mixture of the Plaque Off because it will be more tasty.

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What are pet owners saying?

No more bad breath after 2 months

"I have purchased Plaqueoff, from an online store. I have used it for 2 months, no more bad breath from my dogs. This is a great product, their teeth are cleaner. And hopefully fewer vet visits for teeth cleaning. Thank you."

Jenny, La Habra, CA

Big improvement after two weeks

"The day before I was scheduled to take in my 14 year old for a teeth cleaning I was introduced to PlaqueOff. I immediately cancelled my vet appointment and started both my dogs on the program.

Just 2 weeks into the program I noticed a substantial difference in both dog's teeth. Murfee was spared the vet cleaning experience and has gone from terrible breath to a slight odor in his breath and a noticeable difference in the plaque on his teeth.

Mitzi had immediate results, although she had just a small amount of tartar build up, after a week on PlaqueOff she had shiny white teeth with no visible build up. PlaqueOff works great and I look forward to minimizing my vet bills in the future with this product."

Cheryl, Riverside, CA - Murfee, Shitzu, Age 14 1/2, Mitzi, Shitzu, Age 2

Simple to do

"I neglect my cat's teeth. Giving her PlaqueOff is something I can do and it works."

Mike, San Diego

Bleeding stopped and breath is better

"PlaqueOff has done wonders for my older dog's teeth. They stopped bleeding and his breath is better."

Irene, Washington

Improvement after one month

"My greyhound had terrible breath and plaque on his teeth. A month of PlaqueOff has improved this considerably."

Dale, Ohio


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ProDen Plaque-OFF™ for Pets


60 gram bottle - Approx. 2 oz.

Retail Price: $22.99 SALE Price: $19.99

180 Grams - Approx. 6 oz.

Retail Price: $54.99 SALEPrice: $49.99



Owner claims doggie breath gone in days...

"I have two Yorkies, aged 8 and 6 whose teeth get brushed daily. The 8 yr. old however, has a molar that is loose and due to be extracted.

We have noticed BAD doggie breath in the last couple of months. The other yorkie's breath is milder. We bought PlaqueOff two days ago.

I know that most testimonials say that it takes two to eight weeks to work BUT in the last two days, (three dosages) the 8 yr. old's bad breath is GONE! And so it the 6 yr. old's.

I stick my nose in their faces and get NO doggie breath. Of course, the dental work will go ahead as usual, but I do want to thank you for a wonderful product and look forward to the human version.

BTW, there is no problem getting the dogs to accept PlaqueOff on their food.

Chris, Torrance, CA

Plaque began disappearing...very easy and inexpensive

"Buddy had serious tartar build up as well as bad breath. I thought of taking him to the vet to have his teeth cleaned, but it was too expensive (over $200.00).

I was introduced to PlaqueOff in mid-January. I noticed a big difference in his breath in the first week and the appearance of plaque started to diminish in the third week.

No brushing required, just a small amount sprinkled over his food each day. Its inexpensive and works great!

I would recommend this product to all dog owners."

Denice, Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Buddy, Jack Russell Terrier, Age 6 1/2

Canine behaviorist says no more dentist visits...will recommmend to clients

"This letter is to certify that my personal experience with PlaqueOff has been fantastic. My Akita has had horrible problems with tartar, having to visit the dentist twice a year.

Since we've been using PlaqueOff she has avoided her visit to the dental specialist this year.

Because she is a therapy dog, we visit the hospitals and children's hospitals often. She has to be plaque free to visit. This product has been a wonderful blessing for both of us.

I am a Canine Behaviorist and will recommend this product to ALL of my clients. Thank you for your product. It has saved my Soleil many trips to her vet."

Stephanie Houfek, Canine Behaviorist - A Lucky Dog

Only took 3 weeks to see improvement

"I have been using PlaqueOff since May 31, 2005 on my own 3 Coton De Tulear and I am more than pleased with it.

Their teeth look so much better now even though before I was brushing their teeth regularly. It only took approximately 3 weeks to see the improvement. Thank you so much for a great product.

Lois, Maryland

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