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Discover the many healing benefits of coconut milk and coconut oil

(Reprinted from the book: Super-Health Thru Organic Super-Food, Bernard, pp121-123) Note: subtitles and bolding added by editor.

Coconuts are so nutrititious, they can replace "mother's milk"

Researches by Cajori and others have shown that nuts contain complete proteins which can replace animal proteins, including meat, eggs, and milk.

Of all nuts tasted, the coconut was found to contain a protein of the highest biological value, surpassing not only that of other nuts but also meat, eggs and milk.

Young growing animals were found to undergo a supernormal rate of growth when fed on coconut protein, greater than that produced by milk protein. A South American scientist announced that Coconut milk provides a perfect substitute for mother's milk, and throughout the tropics infants that cannot nurse are successfully raised on coconut milk in place of mother's milk.

Its low protein content, high alkalinity and richness in minerals and vitamins makes it an ideal nutriment for young growing organisms after weaning.

How does coconut oil differ from coconut milk?

Coconut oil is undoubtedly the most digestible and least acid-forming of all vegetable oils, especially when unrefined and made from the fresh coconut in the following manner.

Reduce several coconuts to coconut cream or milk and add to about a quart of boiling water and boil until the oil rises to the top. The longer the water boils, the greater the amount of coconut oil on top in proportion to water below. The coconut oil may then be removed with a spoon, until completely removed.

This oil solidifies when the temperature drops and may then be used as a butter. It is one of the most digestible of all fats and may be used on salads, in cooking or baking or for the skin or hair.

Foods fried in coconut oil are more digestible than when other more acid-forming oils are used. Persons who suffer from acidosis will do well to use coconut cream, made from fresh coconut, in place of acid-forming vegetable oils, oleomargarine and butter.

The Coconut Water Regimen Versus Fasting

While the water of the coconut is often called "coconut milk", we here use the latter term to mean the cream derived from the meat of the coconut diluted with coconut water, or the fluid inside the coconut.

This, however, is not pure water, but contains in low concentration all the elements of the coconut meat, so that it is really a dilute coconut milk. An exclusive regimen of this coconut water, continued for long periods, has been found to have great therapeutic value.

Throughout the tropics, where coconut water is taken daily as a beverage, its healthful properties are widely recognized, and it is especially used for the relief of kidney and bladder ailments, since it tends to flush and purify these organs and promote their healing. It also acts as general blood purifier. This helps to neutralize acid toxins and remove impurities.

Some remarkable case studies with coconut water

A Jersey City physician achieved remarkable results with an exclusive coconut water regimen. In one case a woman with advanced consumption, given up to die, regained her health after living on coconut water alone for six months.

In another case an infant unable to take milk or any other nourishment was fed on coconut water six months and thrived wonderfully, regaining its health.

This is understandable, since coconut water provides a balanced form of nourishment, containing coconut proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, all in solution in the purest distilled water. In addition, it contains trace minerals which the coconut derives from the sea, and which most other foods lack.

A fast with coconut water is easier and more complete than a water fast

When liberal amounts of coconut water are taken, not only do you obtain the purifying and therapeutic of a fast, but at the same time you are well nourished, without having to experience the disagreeable symptoms of a complete fast.

Fasting involves extreme loss of weight and strength. The difference with the coconut oil is you can continue your normal life and activities. In addition during a fast becaue there is no food stimulus, peristalsis stops and the intestinal contents stagnate.

A coconut water regimen keeps the bowels free and open. And coconut water is purer than any other water that you may use during a fast.

Should you use ordinary chemicalized city water, the harm it does can be greater than any benefits of a fast.


For more information on coconut oil

I highly recommend another article on the benefits coconut oil by Raymond Peat.

Raymond Peat has a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Oregon, with specialization in physiology. He has taught at the folowing institutions: the University of Oregon, Urbana College, Montana State University, National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Universidad Veracruzana, the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, and Blake College. He also conducts private nutritional counseling.

Or visit Ray Peat's home page:


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