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Support Your Connective Tissues, Bones & Blood Vessels and Reduce Allergic Response

Your body does not store silica... you must replenish it daily.

Orgono Living Silica is an organic dietary supplement specially formulated for optimal absorption and bioavailability--- the extent to which a nutrient can be used by cells in the body. No other colloidal silica, silicic acid or plant extract based silica supplements in the marketplace provide higher bioavailability than Orgono Living Silica.

This supplement is the perfect non-colloidal solution: it is a clear, odorless, non-crystallizing liquid with no aftertaste and no side effects, even after several years of use. The human body requires good nutrition to renew, repair and rejuvenate itself on a daily basis. Researchers have found that many people suffer from dietary deficiencies of silica. Several studies have examined silica for its ability to provide the raw materials the body needs to promote healthy cartilage and support for joint protection and maintenance and have found that silica is essential for these processes in addition to providing other health benefits. Silica can be beneficial for everyone --- athletes, women, men, convalescents, elderly, etc.

What kinds of conditions does Orgono Living Silica help with?

The main function of silica is to support your connective tissues, which in turn support your structure. Flexible arteries, healthy connective tissues, skin, hair & nails would be impossible without silica. At birth, you have a limited quantity of silica that is depleted with age, in an irreversible manner. By the time you are fully grown, you will have used up to 80% of your silica store.

Orgono Living Silica is recommended for:

  • Maintaining joint flexibility
  • Providing joint support
  • Protecting cartilage
  • Calcium assimilation
  • Reducing swelling
  • Enhancing ligament protection and tissue plasticity
  • Improving the elasticity of the skin
  • Strength and luster of the hair and nails
  • Supporting collagen production for healthy, youthful-looking skin
  • Decreasing demineralization
  • Promoting fracture consolidation

What is the purpose of silica?

Silica, also called silicon, is

  • An essential mineral
  • An enabler of other minerals like calcium for bones, glucosamine for joints and antioxidants for healthier arteries and cardiovascular function
  • A requirement for the formation of healthy connective tissue, bone, skin, hair, and nails.
  • An essential element for collagen formation, healthy arteries, and regulation of calcium deposition in the bones
Studies show silica can even be converted into calcium when there is a deficiency. Absorption is critical for its effectiveness. Dietary sources of silica are very poorly absorbed because of their insoluble, polymerized forms. For optimal absorption to occur, silica must be converted to organic silicon like monomethylsilanetriol. This form of silica has excellent bioavailability and is found in premium product offerings, like Orgono Living Silica and Silicum G5 Gel.

Unlike the other nutritional supplements discussed for joints, silica has no known side effects. In addition to knowing the differences between each option available, a few other considerations to keep in mind when selecting a nutritional supplement for joint health are delivery, quality and tolerability. Being informed is the best way to decide which supplement is right for you.


How Can I learn more? Video: Silicium G5 organic silica

What are the directions for use?

Take 2 tablespoons (1 ounce), 3 times per day, 10 minutes before meals. For best results, it is recommended that Orgono Living Silica be taken alone, either an hour before or after other medications and supplements.

For an intensive program, in case of severe deficiencies, take 6 tablespoons (3 ounces) per day. Orgono Living Silica is safe, effective and well tolerated with no contraindications or drug interactions.

On occasion individuals may experience a heating, cooling, or electrical sensation in the body. This is normal and dissipates after a few minutes.

Refrigerate liquid after opening. Product remains fresh for up to 1 year after breaking seal and up to 3 years when sealed and unopened. Do not store Orgono Living Silica in metallic or glass containers.

What are in the ingredients?

Orgono Living Silica is an organic dietary supplement specially formulated for optimal absorption and bioavailability, which is the extent to which a nutrient can be used by your cells. No other colloidal silica, silicic acid or plant extract based silica supplements provide higher bioavailability than Orgono Living Silica.

Contains: Purified water Organic Silica (natural monomethylsilantriol) 1000 ml (34 oz) bottle of clear, odorless liquid for oral consumption.

68 servings of 1 tablespoon each.

Silicium Silica is effective, nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and completely assimilated by the human body, animals and plants.

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Orgono Living Silica

Rebuild Tissue Elasticity & Flexibility


34 oz. bottle

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