Speciality herbal tintcures address many chronic and difficult health challenges

NEW COMPANY NAME:  ANCIENT WAYS (updating all products as time permits, as product names have changed as well.  thank you for your patience in this long process.

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Discover how plant-based tinctures can help your body re-balance

PRL Specialities  NOW CALLED ANCIENT WAYS  are organically grown in Tennessee on Dr. Brent Davis' own pristine land, these herbs are fresh and full of vitality. These products are currently undergoing research conducted by Dr. John Diamond, M.D.

He is testing their effects on the body, mind, emotions and spirit to encourage balancing. In my experience as a nutritionist, saying these herbs are powerful is an understatement. The capacity of PRL's fresh plant extracts assist the body to function at its optimal level.

The speciality tinctures come in 1 fl.oz. herbal extracts (35 different kinds) and are listed below in alphabetical order. Just click on the letters below for faster sorting or use our convenient navigation at the left.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, please contact your physician or health care practitioner.



Specialty Remedies...NOW available in bulk for MORE SAVINGS!

Over 30 kinds of liquid and other remedies that help the body address many special issues like: removal of toxins, help with chronic illnesses, relief for environmental challenges, reducing emotional distress plus coping with male and female problems...AND MORE!

Alfalfa Herbal Tonic Can be used for joint pain and arthritis as well as for "Stress, burnout", debility, undue fatigue, faulty nutrient assimilation, sluggish digestion, etc.

Amazing "Sang" Supports the adrenals. Can help with poor appetite, fatigue, frequent desire for sleep/naps or chills.

Arteben(TM) Can be used as an intestinal antiseptic. Helps correct intestinal flora imbalances in mild to moderate cases. Also helps support of healing mucous membrane.

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Artemesia FEO(TM) For intestinal imbalances and parasites in patients with a strong constitution.

Artemisia annua Tablets (Chinese) For resistant cases of intestinal flora imbalances and parasites. Can work as a general systemic tonic.

Astramax(TM) Acts as an immune enhancer to allow the body to rehabilitate the spleen & lymphatics, increase immunoglobins and stabilize cellular glutathione activity.

Basil Flowerhead Assists the body to uplift the mental state, dissolving toxic compounds stored in fat as it neutralizes past damage from long-term recreational marijuana use.

Basil Tablets For short-term marijuana toxicity where there is significant under-functioning of the adrenals.

Biotox Elim Assists the body to neutralize Lyme disease, neurotoxins and biotoxins in general with a strong anti-microbial effect.

Burdock Compound Helps the body remove accumulated metabolic waste from immune system by increasing sweating to release toxins. Can be used for skin eruptions.

Calised(TM) Fluid Extract Supports the body for nervous unrest, anxiety, stress, or insomnia. Can also be used as a mild analgesic or pain relief.

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FloraCalm Can be used for anxiety with nervous stomach or for overexcitability (e.g. PMS tension) or nervous insomnia.

Female Herbal For ovarian hypo(under) functioning, hot flashes, amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

GB Cleanse For the digestive system. Poor Digestion, Liver Problems, High Cholesterol, Fever, Colds/Flu, Skin Rash, or Arthritis.

HPC(TM) Helps the body offset inflammation from food allergies; is antifungal and antimicrobial; protects liver and spleen; assists with hepatitis.

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ImuStim #1 Liquid  Resistance support for chronic conditions; stimulates repair of damaged tissue and destruction by environmental toxins. Useful with prostatic congestion and more.

Imu Stim #1 Tablets - 90 Tablets/500 mg (Same as Imu Stim #1 Liquid yet it also has more specific benefits to help the body with the bowel and ileocecal valve).

ImuStim #2 Antimicrobial for candida and chronic EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) patients. Helps the body normalize metabolism-diminishing achiness in EBV patients. Can normalize loose stools also.

ImuStim #3 For specific problems relating to milk product allergies. Also helpful for loss of appetite, nausea and upper G.I. spasms.

Inula/Berberis  Helps the body stabilize chi (energy) and assists with digestive system/poor assimilation. Helps body reduce allergic load.

Kid Cold When your body needs support with common colds and pollen borne allergies.

Kid Cold with Juniper Assists your body with chronic colds and bronchitis.


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LigAmend(TM) For topical (and internal) use. Helps the body heal weak and overused ligaments.

Liv-Herbal(TM)  Supports the body to ease PMS symptoms; helps with sluggish liver/biliary function and with hepatitis, jaundice, or bile stasis. Sorry! Temporarily UNAVAILABLE!

Male Herbal For support in benign prostatic hypertrophy (non-tumorous enlargement of prostate gland).

Maxsed Helps relieve anxiety and stress. Promotes relaxation. Strongest and most broadly active sedative/anxiolytic.

MicroNil A blend of Echinacea, Goldenseal, Inula, Osha, Coptis, Cayenne and Waltheria. Good for STRONG overall immune system support.

MycoNil(TM) An herbal blend of Monarda fistulosa and Tabebuia impetiginosa. Assists in vaginal and intestinal candidasis, especially when they exist together.

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Phyto-DREN(TM) For low adrenal functioning, stress syndrome, and endocrine imbalances due to fatigue. Also for asthma, especially in children.

Silmax(TM) Flowerhead (Milkthistle) Helps the body with many gallbladder and liver toxcity issues due to drug, heavy metal or insecticide intoxication. Assists in cases of Hepatitis and more. Sorry! Temporarily UNAVAILABLE!

Silmax(TM) PC 80 Same as Silmax Flowerhead, but stronger ability to help the body with cellular repair.

SpiroNil Helps the body reverse the effects of Lyme disease.

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U.D.G.(TM) (Uno De Gato /Cat's Claw) Tablets One of the most potent brands available. Can be used for intestinal flora imbalances and infections, leaky bowel syndrome, acne and other skin problems...PLUS MORE   Sorry! Temporarily UNAVAILABLE!

U.D.G.(TM) (Uno de Gato/Cat's Claw) Liquid Concentrate Similar to UDG Tablets but absorbs in the body more rapidly than tablets and acts more quickly on upper body. (Not as strong as tablets.)

VaporNil(TM) For general immune support. Helps clean out and resist vapor damage from plastics, cards, carpets, paints, etc.

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