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How does Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) work?

First, it is NOT a diagnosis. We use the body's own reflex points as a tool to determine the cause of a health problem, and we use the strength or weakness of an arm to make that determination. However, it is not muscle testing.

It is a testing of the electricity of your body. For example, your nervous system is similar to the electrical wiring in a house. When proper amounts of electricity are flowing to various parts of the house, there is no problem.

As soon as there is a power surge or too many appliances drawing electricity at one time, a breaker blows. All electricity shuts down on that specific circuit. It is the same with the human body. In a healthy body, electricity flows to every area to feed it the energy needed to function.

When we use Contact Reflex Analysis or CRA to test the reflex points of each area, the testing arm, which is like a circuit breaker switch will remain strong. However, when one area of the body becomes unhealthy, it begins to draw excessive electricity in order to stay alive and functioning. This causes the body's electrical system to "blow a breaker". The testing arm will become weak and drop when the affected area is tested.

What can I do for an electrical reflex in my body?

In a house, you need to find which breaker blew and switch it back on. You additionally need to take care of the appliance that caused the overload or it will re-occur.

In Contact Reflex Analysis we locate the cause of your body's weakness and use nutrition to feed the body and take care of the problem the same way, we find the area of the body where the circuit is blown or shorted out. We call this an electrical reflex. By supplying the appropriate amount of nutrition, the body can heal itself so that the problem does not re-occur or become more serious.

How does it feel to be muscle tested with CRA?

You stand with one arm outstretched to the side, parallel to the floor, wrist relaxed. I will now place my hand over your wrist on this outstretched arm, and check to see whether your arm has resistance. We do not test the strength of your muscle but rather the electrical reflex point.

That reflex point might relate to an organ, tissue or muscle. It is a firm yet gentle downward pressure. Once that is established, I begin scanning the reflex points. With each point scanned, I will again check for the resistance of your arm.

When an electrical reflex is found your arm will no longer have resistance, and it will come down. This indicates a weak area in your body. I will explain the significance of each point that is out of balance as we test your body's reflexes.

What happens during my visit to get a Contact Reflex Analysis?

During your appointment I find all the major reflex points that are electrical, by testing the electricity of your own body, Using that infomraton, I set up your individualized nutritional program from the feedback that your body has given me.

Additionally, each electrical reflex is pulsed determining its measure of bioelectricity. I use this information to match the nutrient with the number of pulses. For example, when finding a reflex electrical, let us say the parasite reflex, I determine the dosage by pulsing the reflex.

Pulsing the reflex enables me to match the number of pulsations with the amount of capsules or tablets needed. This is extremely valuable because you are not taking too much nor too little of the nutritional therapy. Your body can tell me exactly how much it needs.

The product for each reflex point has already been determined by years of research. This testing for each individual is unique to you. Your needs are determined by which reflexes I find electrical, what the pulse count is, and your supplement program is based on this reading. This is a very precise science.

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How can CRA help me?

CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis) will determine the nutritional causes of symptoms that your body has. By testing your body with CRA, I am able to pinpoint accurately your needs. You will then know precisely why you have the symptoms that you have.

It is not a diagnosis, prescription or a cure. It is completely confidential and is information that comes from my knowledge and 20 years of expertise in the field of nutrition where I have helped thousands of people achieve a better level of health.

Why is it important to eat food that is not processed?

Here is a true story to answer this question. Reported in 1944 by Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process products in an address delivered before the Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association, relating to processed white flour products.

A farmer in New York State, a few years ago, made a contract with some New York hotels to take their stale bread and rolls off their hands to use as hog and chicken feed. His hogs had plenty of other foods, too, having the run of a large orchard with windfall apples, no scarcity of vegetation, and the various by-product foods that a farm affords.

However, the young pigs developed at only half the usual rate of growth and were subject to many diseases normally foreign to the pig species, particularly pneumonia. His brood sows had small litters or aborted.

His hens began to lay eggs with irregularity, and chicks hatched from them were so feeble few survived. It seemed that a curse had been laid upon his farm. He finally concluded that the white bread might have something to do with the matter.

As a result, he set up two pens, putting one group of pigs on the white bread, the other on whole corn and wheat grain. In three months, there were a "woeful lot" of pigs in one that ate white bread and a perfectly normal group that ate whole grains in the other. The test absolutely established the responsibility of the white bread.

The farmer was U.S. Senator W.P. Richardson of Goshen N.Y. The neighboring farmers, who were aware of the dying hogs because of white bread eating, stopped eating any form of white flour products and stopped feeding it to their children.

It's very important to have whole foods in your diet. Make it a point to shop in the produce and meat sections. Stay on the perimeter of the store, away from foods in packages and boxes, especially if they are made with starches and sugars. Your health will improve and chances are you will live longer. Plus, your future generations will appreciate the care you take. The stronger and healthier you are, the stronger and healthier they will be.

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Could this be why the health of our nation needs improving?

I believe it is a big part of the reason why we are not as healthy as other more primitive cultures, who eat whole and natural foods. But eating whole foods isn't the total answer.

Many of the raw or cooked foods we eat are grown in depleted soils that have been chemically treated and sprayed with pesticides. We all know that chemicals and pesticides don't enhance our health. We accept them because they are fast and convenient in growing crops and we ignore their effect on our health.

Our government and health agencies will tell you the amounts are so small, it doesn't matter. That may be true if you were only consuming it once but when you consume trace amounts several times a day over a number of years, you're putting your health at risk.

I suggest you eat whole organic foods that are grown on healthy soil and foods that aren't grown with pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. It costs more but your health is worth it.

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Is it true that a little bit of processed food will not hurt as long as you eat other healthy foods?

No. It does not appear that way. Personally, I recommend you stay away from all processed foods, including sugar, corn syrup, white flour, or products containing them, synthetic or isolated vitamins, and artificial sweeteners.

Did you know that aspartame can give you symptoms of fibromyalgia, numbness, dizziness, depression, anxiety attacks, memory loss and other symptoms? These are called "aspartame disease".

Many of the sugar substitutes can cause lots of problems even though they are allowed to be sold in stores.

Where can we obtain our nutrients in whole food form?

The best source is raw foods grown organically, and the best supplements are the whole foods products and supplements.

You must experience this truth for yourself. I carry several lines of whole food supplements in my office, just call me 928.639.4574 for more information. There is NO obligation.

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Do I need supplemental nutrients daily?

Yes, you do. It is important to get all the micronutrients and macronutrients from our current food supply. We simply can not eat as much food as we require to obtain the vitamin, mineral and phyto-chemical known and unknown nutritional elements.

What should I expect during the time I am regaining my health?

Sometimes, depending on the level of imbalance or toxicity in your body, you will experience, for a short time, your symptoms getting worse. We call that a healing crisis.

A healing crisis is a natural event that happens when your body is receiving the energy and nutrition it needs to clear out any substances (including toxins, viruses, bacteria, infections) that don't belong inside it. THIS IS GOOD...although it may feel like a cold or flu or even diarrhea.

You may have headaches, chills, fever, phlegm, and many other symptoms due to the immune system becoming active and removing all debris and toxins that hinder you from having true health.

A healing crisis IS VERY HEALTHY and may happen shortly after beginning a healing program that supplies your body with nutrients that your immune system needs to instigate healing.

A healing crisis usually does not last longer than three to seven days.

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*To all our visitors: Thank you for coming to explore our web site, We truly appreciate your presence here. You and your health are a vital concern to us. We sincerely hope the information we share, the services we offer and the products we sell help you to manifest your dreams as a spiritual being and that it helps contribute to your physical health, well-being and prosperity.

Please be aware none of the these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products and this information are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is simply the 1st Amendment in action and is presented for information and research purposes only. We are sharing information we believe in and feel it is not commonly found in mainstream media. We'd also like to remind you, if you act on ideas found here, you do so at your own discretion and risk. Self-help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take responsibility for your own actions. By receiving this information, you agree to hold yourself FULLY responsible for your own health and well being and to hold harmless Alternative Choices Healing Center, its owners, assigns or heirs from any lawsuits and litigations for any reason.

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