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Info about Xianti Hoo, C.N.C., Ph.D.

My childhood prayer: to take away the pain and problems of others

My fundamental philosophy and spiritual beliefs support your ability to make your own choices

My fundamental philosophy and spiritual beliefs support your ability to make your own choices


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With decades of alternative health experience, she can help your body regain its health

When you're looking for a qualified alternative health practitioner and nutrition consultant, you may want to make sure they:

  • know what they're talking about both personally and professionally
  • have personally tried their own recommendations
  • achieved success with their own health as well as with others
  • understand what it's like be sick or feel depleted
  • will go the extra mile to make sure you get the best nutritional advice possible
  • can determine the root cause of the pain or problem and give you effective suggestions for change
  • accept that they are an instrument for healing
  • have the credentials to help you improve your health


    My childhood prayer: to take away the pain and problems of others

    Some of us take years to find the kind of job or career we want, but something within me knew I was different. I knew fairly early in life what I wanted to do. As a child I remember praying to God asking that other people's pain and problems be taken away or given to me. Of course we grew up Catholic so praying for intervention from God was what was taught. I personalized it a little more and took it upon myself to ask for divine help through my body. I always felt different from others, not sure why I was here on the planet. I realized later that my role and gift from the One Infinite Creator was as a healer.

    During my teen years, I found myself doing fasts and other health regimes to improve my health. No one told me I had to. No one made me do it. I just knew those were things I wanted to do. I was lucky that my parents did not force me to conform to their wishes, and eat when I didn't feel the need. I started studying healing and mysticism by going to the library and checking out books about various healing and energy methods that were available for me to read.

    In 1976 I chose to become a vegetarian. Not realizing that meat came from an actual body was a real awakener. Our brother-in-law gave my family some ground deer meat, and with that first bite, no more meat. One may not realize that meat comes from something other than a plastic package. I joined a local co-op and became very active in educating myself and others on the value of good, wholesome foods, and vitamins for healing.

    So, I decided to take a stand for my health and to this day, I maintain that diet. Not everyone needs to make the same choice I did. What I advocate is having choices and different alternatives for you to choose from. And then I will support you in making the best choice for YOU and your health. I do feel that it is important to choose the highest quality foods you can find.

    It was not until 1978 that I decided to become a health practitioner and began studying more and more in earnest. Here are the major highlights.


    My fundamental philosophy and spiritual beliefs support your ability to make your own choices

    None of us has the ability to heal another person. Each and every individual has the ability and the right to heal themselves using the Divine healing energy.

    This choice is our right according to the Law of Self-Determination (free will). This is my fundamental spiritual belief. We all have choices in how we proceed with our lives. My ministry is the coaching for gaining health in our temple (physical body) which is the 'home' of our true essence, our soul.

    When one feeds the body properly, whether it is with vitamins, minerals, herbs, water, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, etc., the body has the nutritional tools to do what it really wants to do. Stay healthy, get healthier or whatever is needed. This then allows one to have deeper communications with their Creator, God. When the body-temple is in disarray, dirty, toxic, and in need of healing, the feelings and thoughts are also in disarray. Remember our thoughts feed our body too, and create our reality.

    Balancing the thoughts and feelings

    Below is a quote from The Essene Gospel of Peace Book Four "The Teachings of the Elect":

    "Three are the dwellings of the Son of Man, and no one may come before the face of God who knows not the angel of Peace in each of the three. These are his body, his thoughts, and his feelings. When the angel of Wisdom guides his thoughts, when the angel of Love purifies his feelings, and when the deeds of his body reflect both love and wisdom, then does the angel of Peace guide him unfailingly to the throne of his Heavenly Father.

    And he should pray without ceasing that the power of imbalances with all its diseases and uncleannesses may be cast out of all of its three dwellings; that Power and Wisdom and Love may reign in his body, his thoughts, and his feelings. "First shall the Son of Man seek peace with his own body; for his body is as a mountain pond that reflects the sun when it is still and clear; but when it is full of mud and stones, it reflects nothing.

    First must imbalances be cast out of the body, that the angels of God may enter again and dwell therein. Truly, no peace can reign in the body unless it is as a temple of the Holy Law. Therefore, when he who suffers with pains and grievous plagues asks for your help, tell him to renew himself with fasting and with prayer. Tell him to invoke the angel of sun, the angel of water, and the angel of air, that they may enter his body and cast out of it the power of imbalances.

    Show him the baptism within, and the baptism without. Tell him always to eat of the table of our Earthly Mother, spread with her gifts: the fruits of the trees, the grasses of the fields, the milk of beasts good for eating, and the honey of bees."

    NOTE: Where you see 'italics' in the text above, I have replaced their word (which was Satan) with one of my own interpretation.

    Where the above mentions fasting, that can be from certain food, old foods, processed foods, or bad habits, and unhealthy thinking. Prayer includes meditation, and contemplation looking within to find the source of the One Law, which resides in each of us.

    Taking care of the body

    Invoking the angels of nature includes exercising outside, communing with nature, drinking clean water, and deep breathing, and taking nutrients and herbs that are grown on the earth with the help of the sun, water, and air. Baptism refers to cleansing methods using water; i.e.: colonics, enemas, and cleansing baths, and drinking pure clean water.

    Eating of the table of our Earthly Mother can be taken to mean natural, pure, raw unadulterated foods, and properly prepared foods, rich in life force. We sometimes need guidance. Find someone to guide you. Your intuition guides you to know what is right for you. Study the ancient texts to get information. Learn what is right for you. Learn of and act on the Holy Law, the Law of One.

    For more Essene reading.


    +Amendment IX, U.S. Constitution "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

    Notice and Declaration of 9th Amendment Rights I, the undersigned, hereby declare the following natural and God-given rights, as reserved to the people, under the 9th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and which rights I reserve as follows:

    1. I reserve the right to seek or ask nutritional advice, counsel, information, recommendations, assessments, evaluations, tests and/or treatment(s), regimen(s), or modality(s) from the nutritionist(s) or doctor of my choice for any health reason or purpose.

    2. I reserve the right to select or reject any individual(s) as my personal nutritionist(s) whether that individual be a Medical Doctor, Herbalist, Chiropractor, Health Food Store Clerk, Druggist, Nurse, Salesperson of health products, Naturopath, Nutripath, Iridologist, Colon Therapist, Priest, Pastor, Indian Medicine Man, Relative, Friend, Dietitian or anyone from the general citizenry who has, or has not, any known formal training or claimed knowledge, education, insights, or qualifications to be my nutritionist.

    3. I reserve the right to Freedom of Choice in Medicine in its most liberal construction including the right to choose my own diet; obtain, purchase and use any treatment, therapy, regimen, modality, herb, drug, food, medicine or health product for any health condition I have or may have as evaluated by myself, the doctor, nutritionist, or therapist of my choice.

    The enumeration, in this declaration, of these rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by me, or my right to amend this declaration at any time.

    Constructive Notice Notice is hereby given to any person or persons who receive a copy of this declaration and who, acting under color of any law, intentionally interfere with the free exercise of the rights to me reserved under the 9th Amendment, as enumerated in this document, that they may be in violation of Title 42, U.S.C. 1983 et seq. and title 18, Section 241.

    *To all our visitors: Thank you for coming to explore our web site, We truly appreciate your presence here. You and your health are a vital concern to us. We sincerely hope the information we share, the services we offer and the products we sell help you to manifest your dreams as a spiritual being and that it helps contribute to your physical health, well-being and prosperity.

    Please be aware none of the these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products and this information are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is simply the 1st Amendment in action and is presented for information and research purposes only. We are sharing information we believe in and feel it is not commonly found in mainstream media. We'd also like to remind you, if you act on ideas found here, you do so at your own discretion and risk. Self-help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take responsibility for your own actions. By receiving this information, you agree to hold yourself FULLY responsible for your own health and well being and to hold harmless Alternative Choices Healing Center, its owners, assigns or heirs from any lawsuits and litigations for any reason.

    We do not recommend using any ideas found here without first consulting a medical professional or a qualified health care provider with recognized degrees and appropriate licenses.

    ©Copyright 2000-2014. All rights reserved. Alternative Choices Healing Center ( and its owner Dr. Xianti Hoo, Ph.D., call 1-928-639-4574. Web design and writing by Marika Ray. Graphics and some photos are from Art Today, visit



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