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Discover why clients keep coming back

With over 20 years as a Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) practitioner and over 30 years in the field of alternative health, Xianti Hoo can help you determine exactly what your health needs are. She does this through an advanced form of muscle testing that reveals your body's health challenges in order of priority.

This is not a diagnosis nor should it be considered a treatment or cure. It it merely information about your body that you can use to regain your optimal health...just as many of her clients have. As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, she then uses that information to recommend changes to your eating plan as well as supplements that will target your deficiencies.

Maintaining health and achieving weight loss

"I have been taking Standard Process Supplements, which you have recommended for a little over two years now. For me, Contact Reflex Analysis and using Standard Process Products has worked very, very well and so I felt I should write an open letter about my experience with CRA. This may be of help to those considering this path to good health.

For background I would like to mention that I am a corporate pilot, approaching 50. As a pilot, let's just say that good health is expected.

Over the last 30 years I have tried many different methods to support my health...Chinese herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic, countless trips to the health food store and the like. All of these worked somewhat...but not quite.

Anyway, I'm here to say that the combination of CRA and Standard Process Products has put an end to that for me, after about two years of staying with the program in a steady way.

Once I knew how much and what to eat, it was primarily a question of allowing for the passage of time. I say again, the Atkins Diet is knowledge intensive and I would have had less confidence that I was doing the right thing without CRA and the blood tests.

Now that I understand basic nutrition, what is good for me to eat, and the supplements provide the overall support, weight is now in the non-problem category.

Bruce Hayward, Corporate Pilot

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Chemotherapy recovery

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996. I underwent surgery and nine rounds of chemotherapy were recommended. I knew nothing of the natural treatments for things as serious as cancer, and of course, the doctors scared me to death. I had two small children and was not ready for a death sentence.

I lost at least twenty pounds. I had not had a restful night's sleep in over a year due to my stomach problems. I did not believe I would live too much longer when I could not even take medications or vitamin supplements. My digestive problems were at an all-time high when I was introduced to Dr. Xianti (Dr. Xianti Hoo, Ph.D. at Alternative Choices Healing Center).

Dr. Xianti determined the many problems I was having. The most serious, in my estimation, was parasites. I had known that parasites were present in cancer cases, but I honestly believed I had gotten rid of them. Was I wrong! Dr. Xianti sent Standard Process supplements to me, and from day one, I have felt better each time I took the supplements!

Dr. Xianti told me up front, that it would take approximately three months to see results. It has been three months now, and I am feeling better than I have in a long time.

For the first time in a long time I feel as though I may live long enough to see my kids grow up. Also, I don't know if I ever told you that my hair fell out on the left side only, and it is now it is coming back in.

Pat Harper-Collins, Lewisville TX

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Medical Doctor Speaks Out

"When I first heard about Alternative Choices Healing Center, I was prone to fatigue. I also had a history of repiratory problems and allergies. On top of that I had an irritation in my bladder and infertility problems. Since my reflexes have been tested with Contact Reflex Analysis, my bladder is improved and much less painful. It is stronger but not yet 100% back to normal. My digestion also improved as I have less gas. Over the past few months, I feel stronger and my mentrual cycle is now more normal and painfree.

Through the whole process I felt interested and patient. I was willing to go along with the process and not too worried or anxious at all. But I have found both CRA and the Standard Process supplements are a wonderful and powerful addition to the armamentarium for healing. In my opinion, they need to become more widespread, known and available to more people. I would gladly refer my family and friends to Dr. Xianti Hoo, Ph.D.."

Dr. Anne L. Williams, M.D., Oakland, CA

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Irritable bowel syndrome

I was basically at the end of my rope when I went to see Xianti at Alternative Choices. I was unable to eat almost all types of food. I could barely function well enough to attend my college classes. I was very thin and miserable. I ate cream of rice almost three times a day! I was even considering dropping out of school. I didn't have a social life. I was afraid to go out on dates. I was constantly sick and having to run to the bathroom all the time. That cost me several jobs as well.

I had gone to countless doctors and health professionals looking for answers. They didn't know what was wrong and blamed me for my condition. CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis) found the root of my problem and gave me my life back. CRA brought me true relief. My friends and family noticed a difference, too. Before, people thought I was bulimic or anorexic!

Soon after I started taking the Standard Process supplements, I felt a lot better. I had been having mood swings due to poor nutrition. The mood swings stopped and I felt a lot better after I began the supplements. It was hard to believe at first. After having so many doctors blame me for my illness I felt hopeless. CRA helped me to see that I wasn't crazy and that something was really wrong with me.

Over the past few months, I was actually able to eat real food. I didn't have to run to the bathroom a hundred times at work or school anymore. I even started dating again. I feel like the Standard Process supplements saved my life. I was able to graduate with honors thanks to CRA. Before I was planning on dropping out of school.

Stomach disorders are common in my family. My sister was also chronically sick, throwing up every single day. I sent her to Alternative Choices and now she doesn't throw up anymore. I would recommend it most definitely.

Bridget Anderson, Los Angeles, CA

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Abdominal problems

"I was having serious bloating of the lower abdominal, as well as heavy water retention. However after receiving a CRA evaluation, and taking the supplements suggested by Dr. Xianti, I feel so much better. I would refer Dr. Xianti and CRA to anyone who is interested in having good health and a better way of life."

L.A. San Mateo, CA

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For more information, Phone: 1-928-639-4574

Ongoing fatigue

When I first came to Alternative Choices, I was always tired. It was the worst, physically, that I had ever felt in my life. That, of course, affected my emotions. No matter how positive you are, if the body is not responding, there is no balance. I just wanted to feel better and I didn't know how to do this.

I have always been an advocate of holistic therapies. I have an open mind concerning CRA and the obvious benefits that I have received. The body is amazing in what it can tell you or rather tell a CRA practitioner, like Dr. Xianti, who is trained to assist the physical body as well as the emotional.

I first noticed a change when Dr. Xianti mentioned that I sounded different. At this point in time, I had noticed a physical change in my energy. I started taking the supplements and within a day, I could feel a change in my energy. After a week, I knew I was on the right track. I went to Dr. Xianti to feel better. It was comforting to know that there is help available that addresses the cause and not the symptom. I had too many doctors working on the symptom and never arriving at a cause.

I believe in the testing process. The body does not lie. If you follow the recommendations of the CRA practitioner, then you have an opportunity to change the habits of the body and its functions for a lifetime. All that is done with a little body testing, which is pretty amazing to me.

Prior to CRA, I had tried herbal combinations, vitamin supplements, acupuncture and drug therapies recommended by doctors. The most popular therapy for my ongoing fatigue had been a prescription for Prozac or Paxil. The prescription therapies never worked for the fatigue.

I believe in CRA!!! CRA and the supplements are the answer for me. I know that I'm going to keep feeling better and better. It is a non-invasive form of health therapy for the body that works to heal naturally. CRA addresses the issue! I would recommend it to others.

Kathlyn Layton--Germany (Army personnel)

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Hot flashes and sleeplessness

When I first came to Alternative Choices, I needed relief physically and I needed an attitude adjustment as well. At first I was unsure of the CRA testing. It seemed too simple to be true. Now, however, I feel it is quite valid. I had tried conventional medicine and chiropractic. I wasn't pleased because all the symptoms returned.

When I began to feel better, I realized I could do more things and felt like living again. I could think better. I could work better. I felt like doing more physical activities. Over the last few months, my hot flashes have disappeared and I can sleep through the night. In fact, I feel great! After experiencing CRA and taking Standard Process Products, I feel like there is no other way to go!

Eileen K. Thorpe

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For more information, Phone: 1-928-639-4574.

Depression and muscular pain

Although I've been working with Alternative Choices Healing Center for only a little over a month, my experience has been very positive. I came here because I was depressed and had a lot of muscular pain and dysfunction.

In the time I've taken the Standard Process Products after the CRA testing, my neck pain and lower back pain have diminished significantly. I can now do a cardiovascular workout at a target heart rate. I could not do that last month.

As a diabetic, I also have difficulty with my metabolism. My thyroid is non-functional and I have always had a problem with weight. I have always enjoyed working out but have been hampered from doing so because of the need to prioritize my activities according to my level of energy and pain.

During the last two weeks I've seen a change. I've gone on very strenous hikes of ten miles each Sunday. The intensity of the hike can best be described as five miles downhill and then five miles uphill to get back to my car. The altitude is 1,000 foot descent and climb. What's great is that I can work the next day without pain. At this time, I am hopeful that this discipline will make a difference for me.

Michael Pattner, D.D.S., San Mateo, CA

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Colon and bowel problems with prostitis

My chronic spastic color, irritable bowel syndrome and prostitis left me feeling both weak and mentally drained. I was interested to see if CRA testing was correct. It was. It matched my own perceptions of my health concerns.

I first realized there was a change when I felt more positive. I had hope for a renewal of health. Over the past few months, my digestion was much improved. My colon began functioning and I have maintained my weight gain. Now I am confident of the CRA testing and the process of taking supplements.

I had tried homeopathic remedies, Chinese herbs and acupressure and had some success with each. But CRA has helped me to regain better health and has made some of my health issues more manageable now.

Ed Caccia, Oakland, CA

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For more information, Phone: 1-928-639-4574

Heart Attack

"After my heart attack, I didn’t think there was anything I could do to improve my condition, but CRA found deficiencies that we were able to support and now I’m better than ever..."

R. Neil, New York

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Chronic fatigue and headaches

"I had chronic fatigue and headaches that would send me to bed. I thought I would have to live with them forever, but THANKS TO CRA, I am full of energy and no more headaches. Thank God for CRA…"

S. Wood, Indiana

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Quality of CRA

"In my 16 years of practicing as a dentist, I have never known any method of analysis, technique, treatment or nutritional presentation so helpful, so exact, so satisfying, and that has such a high level of quality as Contact Reflex Analysis."

Dr. Donald W. Warren, DDS, Clinton, Arkansas

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CRA should be mandatory for health care providers

"Having taught in two major medical schools as well as having extensive experience in nutritional biochemistry, pharmacology, oncology and gastroenterology, I feel this valued work should be utilized extensively by all health care providers as a mandatory basis for their practice environment."

Steven Nelson, Registered Pharmacist, Ph.D., Banning, California

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CRA: A cut above

"After being in Critical Care Medicine for over 20 years now, including being an instructor of advanced diagnostics, my knowledge pales compared to the information…in CRA."

P. Neil, Registered Nurse, B.S.N., M.S.N., Vista, California


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If you would like to get a health evaluation, I will check many different points on your body.

You get a full assessment of your health where each of your body's major and minor needs will be revealed in order of their priority, according to your body's own bioelectric intelligence.

This can be helpful if you have many symptoms or health complications.

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