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Discover how you can:

  • help recover your health and strength with simple nutrition changes
  • use targeted nutritional, whole food supplements to help your body begin feeling better within days or weeks
  • improve your health a step at time
  • learn what your body's primary imbalance is and how to address its root cause
  • get tips on boosting your immune's system's IQ
  • find out how to begin to replenish your body's needs on a cellular level

Are you suffering from a lack of energy? Do you find yourself feeling "not normal"? If you've been to doctors and aren't really getting any better...especially after taking prescription medicine, then you may want to consider an all natural approach to your wellness.

My name is Xianti (pronounced shen-tee) Hoo. I am a Minister, Certified Nutritional Consultant and an alternative health practitioner. For over two decades now, I have helped thousands of people regain their health using advanced alternative health methods to improve their life. Presently, I am studying as an Essene Apprentice to become a Licensed Essene Healer through the Modern Essenes. It is good and useful for me to follow my path through healing modalities, ancient and modern.

AND...I can help you, too, by:

  • finding the true cause of your symtoms quickly and accurately
  • recommending easy, energy-producing changes to your eating plan
  • suggesting targeted whole food supplements to help your body repair itself
  • explaining the importance of whole food in your health goals
  • offering cleansing programs to help your body eliminate toxins from your system
  • presenting solid health information to you so YOU can make informed decisions and choices and you can BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE AND HEALTH!

Is it possible to feel better and REALLY see your health improve?

When I suggest a change in eating plans, clients are sometimes hesitant. After all, they've all likliehood...eating them same foods and drinking the same beverages they grew up with and it's comfortable and why change?

What does food...or nutrition...have to do with how you feel? What you eat and consume, in any fashion, potentially becomes a part of your body's cellular structure. Your body will make cells from what you feed it. So your food and nutrition needs to be of the type that the body can use to create itself, again and again.

Then in the late 1980's when I was still in my 30's, I developed chronic fatigue and what I believed to be Crohn's Disease. I did not see a medical doctor for this condition as I was in denial and full of fear that what I had happening with my body was cancer. That was my choice. at the time. I felt miserable. I was constantly tired and just couldn't seem to generate enough energy to get through the day.

On top of that, I had chronic bouts of diarrhea, oftentimes bloody and full of mucous. Sorry to be so graphic here but it is the truth. I kept this all to myself, silenced by the dreaded fear. You get to learn all about me here. And why not? Nothing needs to be hidden any longer. The body is amazing, and given time, proper nutrition, and faith it can and will heal itself. Because Crohn's Disease is also an inflammatory condition, I would have either a low grade fever or flare ups of higher fever temperatures. Plus, there was a constant aching in my abdominal area.

It was hard to live...hard to work...hard to be a mother...let alone to have the strength to move through my daily life. I was in sad shape. Every morsel of food came exploding out of me. I could not eat any raw foods, at all. They would basically come out whole. Yet my inner strength was great. I knew the body could heal itself. I did not give in or give up.

Some time before that time in my life, my friend asked me to go to a Chiropractor's meeting. There the doctor was sharing health information which included a new evaluation process, called Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) which is a method of testing the body to determine nutritional deficiencies and imbalances of the body. I knew then and there that I would study this system and be the best healer I could be.

What is Contact Reflex Analysis?

CRA is a method of health evaluation that measures your body's bio-electric fields through a form of very accurate muscle testing. For class information please visit the founder's Dr. Versendaal's web site. With the intelligence of the human body, and this technique, we were able to determine my particular deficiencies and get started on giving my body what it needed in the form of nutrients, and diet, so it could heal itself. Guess what happened? It took a while but the body did heal. I am very grateful for having friends share good news with me, and having the courage to move through healing in the way that I did.

Can the food you eat be slowly poisoning you?

Up until a hundred years ago, our ancestors ate a diet filled with whole foods. Most of their food was grown at home or by neighbors or small nearby general stores. Those earlier generations were much healtier and had far fewer diseases than we do today. That's because they lived before the industrial revolution. For great information on diet and wellness visit the Weston A. Price website. I often refer my clients to this site.

Since that time our foods have been grown in fields fertilized by chemicals and what is called sludge, and sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Then they are harvested and taken to factories where they are packaged for our convenience and consumption. Often more chemical preservatives are added...for convenience...NOT for nutrition. What about produce? Unless the farm is local, many times the food has to travel long distances to get to the store, held in storage facilities, and then displayed in super cold bins to keep it looking fresh. I have purchased such produce and the very next day it started to rot. What a waste!

Then, many people take the food home and put it in microwave ovens to cook...but that actually alters the food, depleting it of its life force, and enzymes. That is when it started out raw in the first place. Too many times microwave cooking is for packaged foods previously prepared, frozen and ready to zap.

All of those packaging and preservative processes make it easier for farmers and food manufacturers to get our foods to us. They give our foods longer shelf lives. AND it makes it FASTER FOR US to eat and get on about our business.

But is processed food healthy for YOUR body? ...NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Take a closer look at what happens to foods at every step along the food chain...from field to table and into YOUR BODY.

  • Chemicals added to growing fields gradually deplete the soil of its once rich source of Nature's own vitamins and the point now where now most fields are exhausted and void of any natural nutrients so our foods are too.
  • Pesticides that are sprayed on most crops are made up of small amounts biological toxins that collect in your own body with NO WAY OUT and over the years can cause untold physical problems.
  • Processing food in factories and packaging it in boxes and bags takes almost all the nutrition and goodness OUT of the foods.
  • The storing of foods in warehouses, grocery shelves and even refrigerators and freezers help deplete your foods further yet!
  • Then, our habit of microwaving our foods is like putting the nail in the coffin for our nutritional sustenance. Ask yourself: Do you really want to put radiation your body just to save a little time??!

Conventional medicine is also failing you because they only treat the symptom...NOT the cause

While most patients feel relief at having the symptoms supposedly disappear, their internal organs are actually struggling to cope with the NOW HIDDEN AND SUPPRESSED symptoms as well as with foreign chemical substances and the many, many harsh side effects that come with those drugs.

In fact, most medical schools offer very little in the way of nutritional education for our physcians. They prefer to rely on prescription medications and surgery ONLY. Perhaps, that's why many doctors will tell you that the food you eat is fine.

According to news story on Reuters Health on Feb. 8, 2008, entitled "Accidental Drug-Poisoning Deaths on the Rise in the US", they report the following:

Report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"Unintentional deaths due to drug poisoning, primarily with prescription drugs, increased by 68.3% between 1999 and 2004, and is second only to motor vehicle crashes as a cause of death from unintentional injury in the US, investigators at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report."


It's sad that we're reportedly more at risk trying to get healthy and seeking medical treatment than we are for getting in an auto accident.

Times are changing...people are now eating more natural food and using alternative health methods

More and more people are becoming aware of how successful natural health methods are. As a result, they are turning to successful complementary and alternative health practitioners and nutritionists for solutions that address the REAL cause of the problems.

In May 2004 through the National Institute of Health, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) released a report that shows an increasing amount of interest and growth in those areas.

What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

According to this report:

"CAM is a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not presently considered to be part of conventional medicine.

  • Complementary medicine is used together with conventional medicine.
  • And alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine."
How many people use CAM?

In the United States alone, over a third (36%) of adults are using some form of CAM.

When megavitamin therapy and prayer specifically for health reasons are included in the definition of CAM, that number rises to 62% (see graph below).

That's almost two-thirds of adults who have at least tried some form of alternative health treatment.

Who knew that our government in the Untied States keeps track of these statistics?!

Why are people using CAM?

In the survey mentioned above people were asked to select from five reasons to describe why they used CAM. Results show:

  1. CAM would improve health when used in combination with conventional medical treatments: 54.9%
  2. CAM would be interesting to try: 50.1%
  3. Conventional medical treatments would NOT help: 27.7%
  4. A conventional medical professional suggested trying CAM: 25.8%
  5. Conventional medical treatments are too expensive: 13.2%


    The survey found that most people use CAM along with conventional medicine rather than in place of conventional medicine.


Statistics aren't the only proof that people are changing

...Here's a REAL testimonial from a client who is a Medical Doctor

"When I first heard about Alternative Choices Healing Center, I was prone to fatigue. I also had a history of respiratory problems and allergies. On top of that I had an irritation in my bladder and infertility problems.

Since my reflexes have been tested with Contact Reflex Analysis, my bladder is improved and much less painful. It is stronger but not yet 100% back to normal. My digestion also improved as I have less gas. Over the past few months, I feel stronger and my menstrual cycle is now more normal and painfree.

Through the whole process I felt interested and patient. I was willing to go along with the process and not too worried or anxious at all. But I have found both CRA and the Standard Process supplements are a wonderful and powerful addition to the armamentarium for healing.

In my opinion, they [CRA and whole food supplements] need to become more widespread, known and available to more people. I would gladly refer my family and friends to Dr. Xianti Hoo, Ph.D."

--Dr. Anne L. Williams, M.D., Oakland, CA

More testimonials

Heard enough? Ready to be healthy?

Are you ready to join the millions of people in this well as thousands of my clients...who are finding out how much improvement they feel when they eat natural foods and use alternative health methods?

I created this site to help educate you and give you tools, tips and products that can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the quality of your life. Here's a re-cap of what you'll gain:

  • The peace of mind knowing the real cause of your health imbalances are being addressed...not just covered up!
  • The confidence that by giving your body natural whole foods and whole food supplements, you'll be supplying it with the nourishment it needs to repair itself naturally.
  • The security of realizing that your body has the intelligence to repair whatever system or organ is currently be challenged, given the correct help from Nature.
  • An education about what steps you can take on your own to give yourself the gift of quality health and a longer life.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that by working WITH Nature and your body, you are making the best decisions possible to honor the true purpose of YOUR life.

Get a quick education in alternative health

Check out the rest of our site, too. Be sure to look at all the services and products in our online store...if you need some help with your health. Besides my appointments, I have TONS of information and products for you that can change your life.

To find out more about what information, products and services are offered on this site, check out our detailed and easy-to-use site map.

Remember to call or sign up

Come ino my office and try a full health evaluation ...where I check 75 points on your body...and let you know exactly what your body's priorities are for re-building your health.

The choice is up to you now, I am here to help you.

Wishing you good health,

Xianti Hoo

Call me at 928-639-4574 (Sedona, AZ area in USA)


P.S. Thanks again for visting this website. It has been my life-long dream to help people empower themselves and restore their health naturally. I wish you only the best in your life and in your health! Peace be with you!


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